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Concrete & Tile Cleaners from Phoenix, Arizona

No matter what you're trying to clean, chances are that Sun Ray Chemical Company, Inc. has the cleaning products you need. We specialize in concrete and tile cleaners, but carry everything from degreasers and sealers to all-purpose cleaning products. Contact us in Phoenix, Arizona, to learn more today.

Super to the Point
Super to the Point is a water-based tile and concrete coating product. It creates dry, bright surfaces that shine without looking like plastic, is anti-slip, and can be buffed as needed.

Clay Finish
Clay Finish is a coating product for clay tile. You are able to use it directly on the clay and as a top coat without increasing the density of the tile. It can even be used over Tile-N-Oil DB 515 the Grabber, our 1-coat, water-based shine product. Email us to obtain more information about our industrial cleaners, sealers, and finishes today.

Tile Floor, Concrete and Tile Cleaners in Phoenix, AZ
Specialty Sealers
In addition to our coating products, Sun Ray Chemical Company, Inc. offers Tile-N-Oil and Oil Coat, specialty pre-sealers that dissipate oil and grease that falls on your Saltillo, Tecate, Barcelona, and other Spanish, Italian, and Mexican indigenous clay tiles. Heavy sealers are also available for areas that are hard to protect, including fountains and pools.

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