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Cleaning Products from Phoenix, Arizona

Remove tough stains and grease spots with cleaning products from Sun Ray Chemical Company, Inc. We're based in Phoenix, Arizona, and ship nationwide. Contact us to ask which industrial cleaners are right for you today.

Sun Ray Chemical Company, Inc. offers a heavy-duty line of degreasing products that pull grease off of everything from concrete to car engines. Our 3 Step products use various concentrations of degreasing, as well as window, glass, and general cleaning. Step Up is the heavy degreaser that should be used for serious grease spots; it even works on textiles and rugs when properly diluted.

Concrete Colorant
We also have an acid-free, water-based concrete colorant that you are able to seal and top-coat to protect it from fading, spotting, and damage. It works on everything from concrete to faux rocks in your fountains.

Walkway, Cleaning Products in Phoenix, AZ
General Cleaners
In addition to our degreasers and colorants, we offer eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaning products that don't harm the environment any more than using plain water. They work well on Mexican tile, vinyl composite flooring, and walls. Plus, we have specialty cleaners available for glazed ceramic tile, fiberglass, flagstone, and porcelain.

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